“The few times I’ve heard T.J. Borden play live, I have been most impressed. Although this disc is mostly improvised, there is a system or focus to what Mr. Borden is doing. The opening piece, “moondrnk onthe job”, creating several drones either with two bows or by overdubbing*. Certain notes are bent and sound like they are microtonal or in between the regular notes that most folks play. For “undrr the tree…”, starts to stretch out his notes, slowly bending them past their usual boundaries, creating an odd, twisted fabric which is most challenging to listen to. The wheezing sound of bent strings is often harsh yet somehow also captivating. Mr. Borden has created his own sonic sound/universe. He sounds like a restless improviser who keeps pushing the boundaries and he doesn’t sound like anyone else.” – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

*Artist note – actually, just one bow and no overdubs for every track on the album.

Mechanical Forest Sound

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photo credit: Diego Mune

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