tyler j. borden, cello

new solo album out now on Alien Passengers
physical copies are sold out

New album from Technical Reserve [Hunter Brown, Dominic Coles, and I]

New solo album, PROOF, out now on 1980 Record

photo credit: Peter Gannushkin

Tyler J. Borden is a cellist working with, in, and around the constraints of the cello. Formerly from Western NY, he is now based in Brooklyn NY, where he spends much of his time finding ways to exploit the strengths and failures of himself and his instrument.

photo credit: Jason Thorpe Buchanon

photo credit: Charles Smith

“T.J. Borden is a multifaceted sound shaper, noise maker, collaborator and community organizer. As an interpreter, he brings his technical brilliance to his cello playing by working closely with composers in solo works and in group formations like the [Switch Ensemble~] and the Mivos Quartet. As an improviser, he can be found piling into a shitty car with his bandmates and touring across the country to play in broom closet sized venues and sleeping on strangers’ floors. As an organizer, he can be seen putting together shows for experimental artists, most notably co-founding High Desert Soundings, a multi-day festival located in the desert of Southern California’s Wonder Valley.” –Michelle Lou

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