Significant Druthers (hermitage tapes, c60, 2017)
The Financial Repercussions of New Beginnings (Already Dead Tapes and Records, c35, 2014)
Poor Form and Extenuating Circumstances (self-released, CDR, 2012)


Kyle Motl and T.J. Borden: Apperception (Metatrope Records, CDR, 2017)
Kyle Motl and T.J. Borden: Consensual Fault (Risky Forager Records, CDR, 2016)
Martin Freeman, Pat Cain, and T.J. Borden trio split with Aaron Lumley (HAVN Records, c90, 2016)
Zane Merritt and T.J. Borden: A Psychotic and a Child (self-released, CDR, 2013)
Martin Freeman, Pat Cain, and T.J. Borden: Pack Down (Carbon Records, cassette, 2013)
Rob Phillips and T.J. Borden: System Vandross (self-released, CDR, 2012)


Duo with Zane Merritt: Bongo Crimes (Personal Archives, cassette, 2013)
T.J. Borden: Selected Recordings, 2010-2013, Side 1: solo; Side 2: collab ft. Dan Bassin, Steve Baczkowski, Bob Bucko Jr, Martin Freeman, Esin Gunduz, Zane Merritt, Camilo Ocampo, Rob Phillips, Brett Siler (self-released, c-90, 2013)
Upstate Soundscape, vol. II Summer 2013
Dark Compilation (Holy Page, 2013)

As a guest:

With Palimpsest Ensemble on Lei Liang: Luminous (New World Records, CD, 2016)
With A.F. Jones on Languor Yields (2 Compositions) (rhizome.s, CD, 2016)
With FOSSILS on Modern Architecture (Kendra Steiner Editions/Middle James Co., CDR, 2015)
With Obody on Except for a Song (Already Dead Tapes and Records, C38, 2015)
With FOSSILS on Cutting Heads (Cardinal Records, 7″ lathe & CDR, 2014)
With Bob Bucko Jr. on “There is a Place”, on Some Things Are Glacial, Some Things Are Gone (Jeunesse Cosmique, CD, 2013)


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