Pre-Order available now, release date is May 19: duo with Luke Martin: if you need to stand up or move about (Marginal Frequencies, CD, 2020)
Solo CD, Proof, (1980 Records, 2020)
Erik Carlson and T.J. Borden present Tide by Matt Sargent (a wave press, LP, 2020)


Significant Druthers (hermitage tapes, c60, 2017)
The Financial Repercussions of New Beginnings (Already Dead Tapes and Records, c35, 2014)
Poor Form and Extenuating Circumstances (self-released, CDR, 2012)


LBB (w/ David Bailey and Cort Lippe): Popped Music (Iron Lung Records, LP, 2019)
Kyle Motl and T.J. Borden: Apperception (Metatrope Records, CDR, 2017)
Kyle Motl and T.J. Borden: Consensual Fault (Risky Forager Records, CDR, 2016)
Martin Freeman, Pat Cain, + T.J. Borden trio split with Aaron Lumley (HAVN Records, c90, 2016)
Zane Merritt and T.J. Borden: A Psychotic and a Child (self-released, CDR, 2013)
Martin Freeman, Pat Cain, and T.J. Borden: Pack Down (Carbon Records, cassette, 2013)
Rob Phillips and T.J. Borden: System Vandross (self-released, CDR, 2012)


Poor Little ‘Zine – Issue 1 (Poor Little Music, CDR, 2014)
Duo with Zane Merritt: Bongo Crimes (Personal Archives, cassette, 2013)
T.J. Borden: Selected Recordings, 2010-2013, Side 1: solo; Side 2: collab ft. Dan Bassin, Steve Baczkowski, Bob Bucko Jr, Martin Freeman, Esin Gunduz, Zane Merritt, Camilo Ocampo, Rob Phillips, Brett Siler (self-released, c-90, 2013)
Upstate Soundscape, vol. II Summer 2013
Dark Compilation (Holy Page, 2013)

As a group member:

W/ Wooden Cities on WORK (Infrasonic Press, digital, 2019)
W/ CAGES on Inside a Ringing Chord (Nancy Jo Records, CD, 2018)
W/ Morgan Evans-Weiler, Kyle Adam Blair, Justin Murphy-Mancini, and Madison Greenstone on lines and tracings (Another Timbre, CD, 2018)
W/ Charles Curtis, Judith Hamann, and Reynard Rott on Alvin Lucier: Illuminated by the Moon (Black Truffle, 4 LP+1 CD+120 page booklet, 2017)
W/ Palimpsest Ensemble on Lei Liang: Luminous (New World Records, CD, 2016)
W/ FOSSILS on Modern Architecture (Kendra Steiner Editions/Middle James Co., CDR, 2015)
W/ Obody on Except for a Song (Already Dead Tapes and Records, C38, 2015)
W/ FOSSILS on The Cardigan Hour (Kendra Steiner Editions/Middle James Co, CDR, 2014)
W/ FOSSILS on Cutting Heads (Cardinal Records, 7″ lathe & CDR, 2014)
W/ the [Switch~ Ensemble] on Music from SEAMUS, vol. 23 (CD, 2014)

As a guest:

W/ A.F. Jones on Languor Yields (2 Compositions) (rhizome.s, CD, 2016)
W/ Bob Bucko Jr. on “There is a Place”, on Some Things Are Glacial, Some Things Are Gone (Jeunesse Cosmique, CD, 2013)

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